27 Apr 2019

The Organized Chaos That Is Code

In software engineering, there are many, many, MANY ways to approach a problem. However, some approaches work better for some problems but not as well for others. These techniques can be sorted into categories of design patterns, conceptual outlines used...

Design Patterns

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18 Apr 2019

Your Choices, Your Responsibilities

A pediatrician misdiagnoses a patient. This leads to the patient’s death and a case for malpractice. A civil engineer approves an unsafe bridge schematic and upon its creation, collapses, killing several and leaving many others injured. In both cases, a...

Development Practices
Software Engineering

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21 Feb 2019

A Functional Framework for Frustration and User Friendliness

A powerhouse of customization While code can “look pretty” to programmers, it looks like gibberish to those outside the field and creating a well-designed user interface is important to let the user know what’s actually going on. Here is where...

UI Frameworks
Semantic UI

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07 Feb 2019

In Defense of Coding Standards

Coding standards allow us to read code more efficiently and without having to stop every other line to understand what’s going on. There’s a feeling of uniformity and cleanliness with properly formatted code and even though it seems trivial to...

Coding Standards

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24 Jan 2019

Think Before You Ask

An (in)effective approach When I worked as a computer science peer mentor, I answered students’ questions about if they were on the right track, what the next step should be, and to clarify concepts. The job taught me to effectively...

Smart Questions
Problem Solving

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18 Jan 2019

Tales from a JavaScript Novice

Initial thoughts on JavaScript Java is the first language that I ever learned to program in and after spending a year with it, I learned C in my program structure class. The less amount of writing was a relief compared...


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17 Jan 2019

A Continuous Journey of Planning for the Future, Self-Discovery, and Compiler Errors

First, some context. When I began my college career, I had no idea what major I wanted to pursue let alone what job I wanted to end up with. I hesitantly joined the computer science program at Kapiolani Community College...

Software Engineering

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